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The tretford Way

New tretford Tile Eco Backed, tretford Tile PVC backed and tretford Roll offer easy, efficient and affordable installation options; making tretford’s products preferable to other more costly, less environmentally friendly commercial carpet brands.

tretford formats are easily installed. Our carpet formats use a soft, flexible backing making them pliable, easy to handle and easy to move for more manageable installations.

Wastage is low generally less than 5% lower than wastage of traditional, larger broadloom carpets.

tretford formats are easily transported. Our carpets do not require special lifting, cranes or transportation equipment.

tretford installations minimise damage. Our carpets are easy to manage during installation, which reduces incidental damage to other finishes. Damaged, stained or worn carpet is easy to repair. tretford carpets can be cut without fraying making section replacement easy and efficient.

Learn more about Tretford commercial carpet and discover the vivid prism of tretford carpet colours.

Specification Sheets

Please find specifications for all our products and installation requirements below. If you don’t find what you need, please contact us directly and we will be able to help you.

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Technical Specs



Colour Palettes

The unique manufacturing processes

The original machinery from the 1950s, hand-built by our founders, are painstakingly maintained in Waterford today. Only employees of tretford see these machines. Life-long distribution partners have asked to see the plant, only to be politely refused. The manufacturing process is shrouded in secrecy – and on a need to know basis. It’s like the secret recipes for Heinz Ketchup or Coca Cola. A priceless secret guarded by the few craftsmen committed to excellence

Cashmere goat hair is shipped directly from Inner Mongolia, China to an environmentally accredited plant in Belgium where it is washed, treated and naturally dyed into 48 Colours.

Dyed, raw cashmere goat hair is then shipped to the plants in Wesel and Waterford where it is blended to create the 70+ bespoke colours in the range today. Some of the colours are a cocktail of up to 10 different colours, blended together via tretfords’ patented blending machines – Colour experts at tretford continue to seek out new shades and new blends to meet customers ever changing needs – They can even match special colours to make bespoke carpet – it’s what craftsmen do!

Once blended, the magic begins. The carpet is then transformed into the unique ribbed format you see today. Jute for the roll, phthalate-free PVC or felt backed for the tiles

The manufacturing process at both tretford plants remains a perfect marriage between machines and craftsmen. Every square centimetre of tretford is viewed and approved by trained craftsmen, for whom 100% perfect is the only measure of success and ultimately approval

Today, tretford have the ONLY bonded rib-cord carpet making machines in the world

Our Environmental commitment

tretford has lead the way environmentally for decades, long before it became fashionable to do so – We pride ourselves on being first to secure the environmental accreditations and certifications that matter most: We were at the forefront with Eco-Specifier and one of the very first on their website, We boast LEED, Greenstar, Global Greentag, ISO 14001 and CE Mark, and most often we exceed the requirements; we produce tretford for a better world and are very mindful to leave as small a footprint as possible on the current one.

We recycle where we can, and we support out local communities from Brisbane in Australia to Waterford in Ireland with donations of free carpets to help those less fortunate than ourselves.

Where possible we offer “lift and take back” programmes.

In a modern, cost driven manufacturing world where most carpets now come out of massive plants in the USA or China, tretford continues to be hand made in Germany and Ireland. tretford is shipped all over the world to customers who prefer the quality of something a little more crafted, more artisanal and a little more personal to their specific needs.

It looks better, lasts better, and leaves a smaller impact on our environment – Now that’s Sustainability the way it is supposed to be.