Colour and design possibilities that exceed commercial carpet standards at a global level.

Natural Cord Fibre Commercial Carpets

The tretford range of 48 stunning carpet colours, and 35 vibrant tile colours allows us to offer something really unique to the global market unlimited colour and design possibilities that continually exceed commercial carpet standards at a global level. Peruse our 6 different product categories to see how your business or recreational area can be transformed by tretford carpets.

tretford Roll

80% of tretford carpet roll fibers come from Cashmere goat hair, which is incredibly durable, unexpectedly soft and is inherently anti-static.

The inherent properties of our natural carpets improve air quality, acoustics and contribute towards energy savings. tretford’s goat hair is one of the toughest natural carpet fibers available which contributes to its incredible longevity and durability even in the most demanding commercial environments.

Our carpet roll does not flake, rot, warp or peel which adds to its service life of at least 5 years for commercial installations. tretford carries a standard 5 year limited Wear Warranty. Longer term warranties are offered on a project-by-project basis.

tretford carpet roll is also uniquely constructed so that it can be cut in any direction without fraying. This allows for easy replacement of small sections without the need for seam sealers. In addition, tretford’s exclusive non-ravel construction allows us to offer a life-time warranty against edge ravel and fraying.

tretford also promotes direct-stick installation methods to increase our carpet’s longevity. tretford carpet roll is of the highest quality with one of the lowest service failure rates in the industry.

tretford Tile (PVC Backed)

Available in 35 spectacular hues, our tretford tiles allow you to create a stunning and unique environment.

tretford Eco Backed Tile

Our unique construction allows tretford carpet tiles to be cut in any direction, including circles, without fraying or damage, which creates absolutely limitless design opportunities. Furthermore, our tiles are easy to install without the use of heavy equipment.

The ribbed structure of our natural carpet creates fabulously clean, elegant lines, central to the overall final ‘feel’ of your room or extended area.

Our tiles are made from Cashmere goat hair which is incredibly durable, unexpectedly soft and is inherently anti-static, and naturally filters dust and allergens from the air; the tile backing is made from phthalate-free PVC making it the most environmentally friendly flooring on today’s market.

tretford Rugs

tretford Rugs do not fray or unravel – another reason to always choose tretford!

tretford goat hair rugs are available in any of our stunning 48 colours, allowing you to bring intense colour, style and impact to any room, recreational area of work environment.

The unique structure of tretford rugs ensures a hard-edged construction that is dimensionally stable in simple terms, this means that tretford will not fray or unravel at the edges, as many competitor rugs do over time. Furthermore, our hard-edge construction eliminates the need for conventional binding.

The dimensional stability also gives you the flexibility to cut tretford to any shape, giving you endless possibilities for custom designs.


Let the colour and vibrancy of tretford carpets add a new look to your walls!

Acousticord is acoustic wall carpet, manufactured in Ireland, using 80% goat hair. It is made from carded fibers formed into a continuous corrugation and bonded to a hessian backing.

Acousticord is now available in 36 stunning colours, using the world famous Tretford ribbed construction for fabulous clean lines. The range of colours is endless, from trusted friends to exciting new splashes of inspiration. Reds to shock you and beiges to relax you. Yellows the sun crave, and our very special Shamrock, a green of Ireland, our home

The goat hair is dyed from its original colour, rather than being bleached first, which gives the carpets a stunning, natural depth of colour.

The colour palette takes note of global trends and preferences in wall coverings. It offers specifiers a vast range from which it is hoped they can choose house colours and co-ordinate wall design with corporate identity.

From schools to offices, airports to cinemas, bars to boardrooms, Acousticord has a colour for you and your inspiration.