Colour choice gives you Creative Freedom

Natural Cord Fibre Commercial Carpets

Whether you choose to emphasise a corporate colour scheme, create an elegant ambiance or energise the office with adventurous floor designs, tretford has the carpet for your business.

tretford’s design options begin with thousands of possible colour combinations, which are ideally complemented by tretford’s unique cord construction that allows our carpet to be cut in any direction without fraying. This means that tretford carpets can produce even the most complex and ornate floor designs without compromise on the product quality or appearance.

Trade Secrets

The Goats, their Farmers and our vision for sustainability

In Inner Mongolia, millions of goats and thousands of small farm holdings create the back drop to tretford. Goats bred and farmed for the Cashmere industry provide the durable, colour-fast goat hair that is the hallmark of tretford. These goats and these farmers are still the life blood of tretford.

Cashmere Wool

Initially, only the hair from the under belly of the goat was used to make Cashmere Wool – the soft, durable wool that defines Cashmere clothing all over the world

The rest of the goat hair used to be trimmed and used to make hard wearing and warm clothing for the farmers, their families and communities.

Today, tretford supports the wellbeing of over 1000 communities and farmers in Mongolia by buying the cashmere goat hair directly from the farming cooperatives. tretford uses the hair from over 1 million goats to create tretford carpet that is sold around the world today.

In raw form, there are 3 colours of hair: Dark (nearly black), light (Nearly white) and light grey and you can buy tretford in these natural, pure colours.