Aegean 614

Tretford Aegean 614 carpet is made from 80% Mongolian Goat Hair, 15% Nylon and 5% Viscose. It is suitable for creating a rich and dynamic pop of colour or an all-over cover to office, multi-storey & single dwelling residential, retail group and education internal spaces.

Aegean 614 is 2-star rated and it is perfectly suited to medium to heavy traffic areas. Tretford carpet’s fusion bonded fibre construction means it can be cut in any direction without fraying or unravelling, and allows designers to mix endless seamless-combinations of colours and designs.

** 2 Star Colour
STAR Ratings are an appearance retention guide and are as follows:
1 STAR = colours best suited to medium / light traffic areas
2 STAR = colours best suited to heavy traffic areas
3 STAR = colours best suited to extra heavy traffic areas