With vibrant, limitless design capabilities and easy, installation, Tretford® manufactures the best commercial carpets available on the wholesale market.

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Whether you choose to emphasise a corporate colour scheme, create an elegant ambiance or energise the office with adventurous floor designs, Tretford® has the carpet for your business.

Tretford’s® design options begin with thousands of possible colour combinations, which are ideally complemented by Tretford’s® unique cord construction that allows our carpet to be cut in any direction without fraying. This means that Tretford® carpets can produce even the most complex and ornate floor designs without compromise on the product quality or appearance.

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The majority of Tretford® colours are solid including Chilli, Jonquille, Brilliant Blue, Orange Squash and Lettuce Leaf. Others are blends like Deep Purple, Russet, Dapple Grey and Mushroom which have particularly good soil hiding characteristics. Three Tretford® carpet colours are made using undyed goat hair: Dapple Grey and Double Cream are the natural colours of the goat, while Silver Birch is a blend of both.